Wedding Photography Singapore – Tips For Perfect Wedding Photos

The wedding day is the most beautiful day in our lives for many of us. Of course you want to have this recorded forever in a wedding report. After this special day the Wedding Photography Singapore are the memory to relive this same day later in the same way. In this article you can read the best wedding photography tips for perfect wedding photographs.

Get inspired

The first step in ensuring that the wedding day is recorded in the way you want is to gain inspiration. On Pinterest you can find many examples of how people have recorded their wedding day. Therefore, make a pinterest board with these examples and share this in advance with your wedding photography Singapore. In this way the wedding photography Singapore gets a good picture of your preferences. Many photographers use their own style and will therefore never literally copy a picture, but will use it for inspiration.

Nice moment: The Preparation

One of the nicest moments of the wedding day we find is the preparation. And especially the ‘finishing touch’. During this moment all sorts of unforgettable things happen: nervous parents, a tie that gets tangled up, wrestling to get into the dress. Even the preparation of the bride often forms a nice shot.

Beautiful moment: The First Look

An absolutely beautiful and emotional moment that should not be forgotten during this day is ‘the first look’. This is the very first moment that the bride and groom see each other in the wedding dress. We love it!

The bridal shoot

You are beautifully dressed, makeup and her top is in order: this must of course be recorded! And of course a bit of fun has to be added here. Plan for such a shoot for about one to one and a half hours so that you are guaranteed a series of beautiful wedding photography Singapore. Are you afraid that you are not photogenic or do you find it exciting to do such a shoot? No worries! More than half of all couples give this in advance and it always comes good.

Wedding Photography Singapore during the big day

Many photos will be taken during the day. Spontaneous wedding photography Singapore are the most beautiful photos available. So do not try to look into the camera and keep the attention together. Also look at each other’s eyes from time to time. A photo with beautiful loving looks is of course unaffordable. It is also an idea to occasionally go hand in hand, even when you think that the photographer is not taking pictures. When the wedding photography singapore secretly takes a picture, it looks so much nicer and more romantic!

Create group photos

It is not very often that all your family members and friends are together in one place. That is why this is the moment to make group photos! Keep in mind that this can be a bit messy. It is therefore wise to make a list in advance with whom you want to be photographed, who should be photographed and who should stand together. Pass this on to the master of ceremonies, wedding planner or the person who will take the lead while making the photos.

Make it a day to never forget!

The most important thing about this day is of course to enjoy! To relive this day for many years you can choose to do something with the wedding photography Singapore. For example, have the most beautiful photo printed on plexiglass. A photo on glass makes your photo lively and gives the photo an exclusive look. Can you choose between all the beautiful pictures? Then make a photo collage on canvas or glass. This way you can show many different photos on one surface. You can also have a nice photo album made of this beautiful day.