Videos of Events

As if you had been at the event
When a company, a city, a town hall … celebrates a great event, not everyone can attend. And many times, it would be great to have a video summary of the event that collects the essence of what happened. To transport us back to what has been celebrated.

These singapore event videography are usually used to promote the event before sponsors, before the administration itself, as a reminder to the attendees, or simply to post it on the Internet for the general public.

Our cameras and specialists will make a professional recording of everything that happens, being able to interview prominent members of the event.

Whether it is a long event, several days, or a fair, convention or simple conference, we will make an attractive audiovisual that summarizes and values the event.

Singapore event videography can be delivered in any language, and integrated into web applications, interactive DVDs, etc.

Video production for events
The audiovisual production related events is another of the services we offer from LowMedia. Nowadays, it is essential to record the things that happen in images, not only to count them, and we know that from LowMedia. Therefore, we make available to our clients the realization of singapore event videography for events of all kinds, what we call the video event.

An event can be celebrated in many ways and each type of act requires an appropriate video. In LowMedia we are aware of this and for this reason we always adapt to the needs of our clients, being able to make from small summary videos of a fair or congress to complete recordings of talks, presentations, presentations, etc.

The videos for events  that may occur may be of different types and types, but there are three predominant formats:

-Full recording: As its name suggests, this type of video is based on recording a talk, presentation or presentation in its entirety.

-Clip summary: This type of video event is usually characterized by having a short duration (2-4 minutes) and by its dynamism. It is a type of piece that intersperses resource images, statements to camera, music and, occasionally, voice over.

-Report : This video model is usually longer than a summary clip (5-10 minutes) and the cohesive axis is usually a voice-over that is making a narration. It is a video event typology that “deepens” more in the event itself or on the subject that is the same. It has a more reflective and deliberate character.