Use videos to efficiently promote events

Imagine the following situation: you plan a big event, you invest time and money in your production. Hire specialized staff for the occasion, quality attractions, a spot with flawless structure. On the big day, you cannot fill 50% of the space and end up having losses or not having that return and success expected. It would be pretty annoying, would not it?

In addition having a good sense of the potential audience from the beginning of the planning of your Singapore Event Videography. Investing in disclosure is essential to broaden the reach of your project. This ensures that more people – and the right people – appear on the day of great achievement!

Today, with the democratization of Internet access, the options for making this disclosure are much broader. Especially if you use online videos, it will be much more effective.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social networks. They do not stop growing in public preference, and the tendency is that, in a few years, they dominate the internet. Representing much of its content.

So, how about thinking about ways to advertise your event using videos? We have separated some simple, but effective tips for you to invest in the disclosure through videos. Check out!

Enjoy the attractions of your event

Whether your singapore event videography has guests, special attractions, famous people or personalities as a differential. Whether for lectures, some show, or just as guests, it ideals that you get the most out of it!

Celebrities and other influential people or important in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, usually have a legion of fans. These are sure to be interested in attending your singapore event videography to have the opportunity to get closer to them.

So ideally you should shoot videos with these people, or ask them to record, and share. Telling about the event, about their participation, and inviting people to participate. If these celebrities and attractions cannot record these videos, use some existing video material to show people what awaits them at your singapore event videography and spark interest.

The same goes for presentations, shows and other shows that your event may have. Make people aware of them! This will add more value to what you are proposing and make the public more interested in attending.

Make teasers

Another thing that can work great, especially for social networks, is to invest in teasers. Much simpler, with a maximum of 30 seconds, an attractive music. Some interestingly arranged pictures and basic information like date, location and main attractions. Beyond the name of the event at the end – you already have a teaser.

The intent of the teaser is really just to arouse curiosity, instigate the audience. For this, you do not need any mega production.

A teaser can be watched quickly, even as the person rolls through the Facebook news feed, and is sure to get people wanting more information about the event in question. So, do not forget, with the teaser, provide a link to the event website or another page with more information.

Share everything on social networks

Social networks will be your best allies in publicizing your singapore event videography. According to surveys, Brazil is already the world leader in reaching in the social media category and 98% of people who access the internet, also access social networks. So abuse and use the resources of these communication channels!

Create an event on Facebook, spread the word on your company page and personal profiles, post information on Instagram, and do not forget Twitter!

Invest in the videos on these social networks as well. While on Facebook the reach and engagement with this format is much higher than other types of posting. In Instagram, videos of 15s are also very successful and can be strategic in your communication

Make and share your own event videos in real time

If your event is already a success, tell it to people using videos too! This, in addition to make your event gain more scope and recognition, will generate a sense of regret in those who do not attend. It will win more audience if there is a second edition or some other similar singapore event videography organized by you.

Showing the results of what you’ve done using videos helps build empathy and trust in viewers, which is great for your business!

Producing videos is simple and will definitely help a lot when promoting your event. Combining this type of material with good planning and organization can be a key to the success of what you are producing.