Tips for Wedding Photos

After months of planning your special day has finally arrived. Of course you have gained inspiration for the perfect poses, ideas looked for good locations for the wedding photos and you have gone through everything with the Singapore Wedding Photographer, the wedding photos remain a thing. After all, these are the most tangible memories of your wedding, so you want them to be just great!


Photographer duo Underneath the Apple Tree shares their tips

Florian is an experienced singapore wedding photographer at Underneath the Apple Tree . This photographer’s duo only has positive experiences from couples on our site, so who better to ask for the ultimate tips for the wedding photos? He tells us today how he makes sure that his bridal couples are perfectly in their wedding photos.


Tip 1: Listen to your feelings

The photographer is present most of your day. It is therefore important that you get along well with him. When you feel comfortable with the wedding photographer, you will also get nicer pictures with a real smile. The choice for a wedding photographer is therefore very important. Also pay attention to the experience of the photographer because even at a wedding that is organized to perfection it can happen that a little improvisation is required. A Singapore wedding photographer with a lot of experience, who despite stress knows moments what to look out for, is very reassuring.


Tip 2: Choose a photographer with an eye for beautiful light

We like to play with natural light, and I think that is one of the things you should pay attention to when selecting a wedding photographer. Choose a Singapore wedding photographer with an eye for beautiful light. With me, couples are never in the full sun with their faces because soft light is the most flattering.


Tip 3: Ask if you can view a wedding report

In addition, I always recommend couples to choose a photographer who can capture all the smaller, spontaneous moments of the day and has an eye for details. Check this by asking during your introductory meeting to see if you can see a complete wedding photography. So you immediately see if they can also put all the personal touches that you have given to your Big Day in the picture.


Tip 4: Choose different spots

If beautiful photos are really important on your day then a location with both shade and light spots is really recommended. A photographer can enjoy himself by playing with different light situations, a shoot and wedding location with lots of daylight is really a blessing. Let the photographer also use your wedding location as a backdrop for the photos. Do you have an industrial location in the city? Then let buildings be the background. When you marry nationally, nature is a perfect backdrop!


Tip 5: take your time

What is also very important is to take the time for your photo shoot. The more time you have, the more you will feel at ease in front of the camera. Plan enough time to be able to relax in the picture. Remember, for example, to schedule extra time for when you want to take pictures before the ceremony.


Tip 6: Hot Shot

Let the photographer shoot a photo just after the ceremony has ended. You are just married, and you will see that your laughter and expression is indescribable. Make sure you immortalize this moment!


Tip 7: The weather for the wedding photo

Whether it rains or you enjoy a radiant sun, get the weather of the day in your wedding photos. Is it raining that it pours at your wedding? Take a picture with umbrellas! Is it snowing? Photograph your cousins ​​holding a snowball fight. That way you really show the atmosphere of your day on the wedding photos! If you see the photos later, you will get back that feeling of your wedding day!


Tip 8: Ignore the photographer

Just try to forget the camera. You should not have the idea that if the photographer is in the neighborhood, you have to draw a certain face. It is nice if you can really show your emotions, and you will not succeed if you ‘pose’ every time you see the photographer.

So ignore the photographer! That way you get real photos; during the teasing speech of the master of ceremonies you see that you get a red color, if you have fun with friends you see a great smile, or when you kiss each other, you see your gaze, those are the moments that you would like to see again.


Tip 9: Mini-shoot during the Golden Hour

Go for a mini-shot by the end of the day, during the so-called ‘Golden Hour’ the light is super flattering and you have already enjoyed part of the day so the fun radiates from it.


Tip 10: Preparation is half the work

A little organization can not hurt. Also make  a wedding photo checklist and sum up a number of events that should not be missed. It is also useful if you make a list of people with whom you would like to be photographed. You do not have to worry about anything and the photographer can keep an eye on this.