Tips for a Fantastic Wedding Video The Perfect Wedding Video

How did that one smile come about? Or that tear? With a wedding videography you can tell the deeper story. The emotions that you experience are recorded on moving images. The day passes by so quickly, how nice would it be if you could watch the wedding clip together and experience the day again? To create the perfect wedding videography Royal Rushes gives tips:


Start filming when you are preparing yourself. The tension is often at its highest, which gives beautiful images. It will also give the video a chronological order because there is a clear beginning.


The more spacious the rooms are when preparing them, the better. Make sure that you (and especially your dress) fit in with your mother and / or girlfriends, the photographer, videographer, make-up artist and hairdresser.


When you have chosen the right room, make sure it is cleaned up for the wedding. Nothing more annoying than when you later bother with ‘rubbish’ that can be seen on the wedding clip.


Make sure that there is good light everywhere where there is filming! In the morning when preparing next to or in front of a window and in the wedding room with extra light. That way you will look even better!


Speak your own vows. In other countries this happens more often than not, but in the Netherlands it seems to be the other way around. Of course it is scary and maybe difficult to remember everything word for word, but think about the reasons why you would do it. The ceremony becomes more personal, emotional and who does not like to hear sweet words from your (almost!) Man on such a day? These vows can then be used as a red line in the Royal Rushes wedding clip .


A professional videographer at a wedding is a fairly new concept. Informing your guests about this is certainly not superfluous! The guests can then prepare for this!


The videographer might ask for it yourself, but it is a good idea to introduce your videographer and photographer to each other. They both play an important role and it is important that they can both do their job well and do not get in each other’s way. If this has been discussed well in advance, it will only yield better pictures of your day!