Team of a Wedding Videographer

Today in our blog we tell you what the team of a wedding video singapore is. What cameras he takes to the wedding, what lenses he uses, microphones, recorders, monopods, tripods, even the backpack he uses. Sergio opens his backpack and counts on which team goes to the wedding to record his videos.


Normally we always work together, me and Sergio, all this equipment we use between the two. Although I’m more of a monopod, I like stable shots. Also, as Sergio says, I really like talking to people and we take advantage of it to record their stories and then use them in montages. So, let’s get down to business and see what video equipment you need to record a wedding video singapore.


We start with the bodies and objectives. We work with Canon 5dm2. Two equal bodies. This helps a lot when editing the wedding video singapore and that the files have a touch of colour. Even if they have a bad dominant, it does not hurt you, because you have the same dominant in two cameras.


Both cameras have installed Magic Lantern since always. About 3 years for sure. With this software you can control sound theme, recording format, zebra in burnt areas, even you have piking of focus areas. You have many more options that you can see on the software page.


The objectives we use are Tamron 28-75mm, Samyang 85mm, Samyang 24mm tsh, Samyang 14mm, Canon 50mm 1.4 and a handful of Soviet lenses, all manual with an adapter ring. The “SUV” 28-75 saves many times, but if there is a chance to work quietly, the combination of 24 + 85 is the one that Sergio uses a lot.


For sound themes we use 2 “Zoom h1” recorders, two “Rode” tie mics using iPhone 5s as a recorder, other “Rode Videomic pro” for the cameras. We also have two tie mics that Sergio bought at the beginning, brand “Digi” to use with “Zoom h1”, but they are already replaced by “Rode”.


In carriers used unipods and tripods brand “Manfrotto” precisely models 190XB and 560B with heads 700RC2. Sometimes it uses slider “Konova” K2 of 80cm. We do not carry cranes or drones, although sometimes our clients asked for aerial recordings and, in these cases, we work with another company that only focuses on drone. They carry an “Inspire 1” by DJI.


To carry gear, Sergio uses a Lowepro Flipside 400AW backpack, although this season he started wearing an Xbelt Pro harness that helps keep his back relaxed and not carry all the weight on his neck. In addition, as he uses a two-hook harness in one, he hangs a camera and in the other he carries his tripod.

Well, if you want to know more, about lighting, cards or filters that we use at a wedding, give the play and watch the full video.