Photobooth As An Alternative To Group Photos

In many cultures the wedding videography are incredibly important. But suppose: you prefer not to spend a long time on the group photos, but still you want (more or less) all the guests in the picture: consider a Photobooth! Wedding videography can be rented for a part of the day and your guests can take a picture themselves (with or without all sorts of crazy attributes). Does this option appeal to you? Take a look at the examples below and ask us about the possibilities.

The party

A good party is getting cozier as the evening progresses;) People do another 11th drink, try the moonwalk for a while and have a chat with the groom’s uncle. Wedding videography, we try to capture the atmosphere of the party, but for that it is not necessarily necessary to stay present all evening.

Usually there is a central moment at a certain moment during the party, after which the party continues undisturbed. An opening dance, the cutting of the cake, a samba band, a toast, etc. Our advice is usually that we stay for another hour after this moment to capture the atmosphere of the party.


Let it go and enjoy it! “Eat, drink and beer!” That is the best thing and it delivers the most beautiful wedding videography. But just as serious: enjoy it!