Build Your Own Photography Business With These Tips

Photography is an art and dominating in that art is not easy. Even if he does, taking him to a professional level is hard to do. Creating a brand, spreading it to a wider audience is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you take some steps, success is a natural thing and you can make the most of your business. Do you have the zeal and enthusiasm to experiment with various techniques to free the creative side of yours? Based on my choice, Singapore event videography is the best place for photography.

This article is for you if you want to earn money with your photography work, since it can be very useful to fulfill your dreams. Follow the steps below:

Create A Plan

Planning is the first and most important step in all companies, because you cannot achieve your goals if you do not have planning. Create a photography business plan, organize your ideas, think about a brand and the marketing strategy you want to follow to promote your company. Once you have a clear idea of ​​these things, you can take a step forward to achieve your goals step by step.

You must decide how you are going to improve your business and how you will generate your income. Take everything into consideration while developing the business plan to obtain good profits.

Experiment With The Camera Lens

So that you have a clear idea of ​​your commercial planning, now it’s time to jump to the main element of the photograph , that is, the camera. You can create amazing and impressive images if you only have the camera. So take the camera and go out to take awesome pictures of the beautiful landscapes, people walking, friends or the night of the place where you live.

Having a good grip of the camera provides impressive shots, but not only the camera is responsible, the lens also works great when capturing nice images. For that, you must practice how to use the camera in different situations, as it will make your picture perfect. Develop your artistic skills and let the camera lens capture extraordinary shots for you. If you feel it, you can follow the advice of a professional photographer who can teach you to become familiar with the gears and techniques of the camera.

Sell ​​your good work

Your work is always worth it no matter what niche it is in. So, for the photography business, you can share and sell your work if you think it’s good enough. Reach potential customers by showing their work, earning their trust and building their credibility. Market your brand and sell photos to people who like their work and want to buy it.

For that, you can create a website that shows your portfolio or create a FaceBook page to attract viewers. Apart from that, you can spread your work through a professional photographer and trust me; It will be very helpful because he or she can use your contacts.

Look for some free websites where you can sell your work for people to buy it. Think of selling it on independent platforms since you can earn extra money with photography.


When building any business, it is important to have a good eye for everything you find. Are you thinking about starting an online store dedicated to footwear? Sit down and create a plan for the age group, the segment, the prices and the target audience, etc. It will help you design, manufacture or customize the products in a way that suits your audience. Because all companies want to make a profit, keeping an eye on the bottom line or let’s say, the specific goal is necessary for survival.

By following these tips, you can build a brand, spread your work, get a real customer base and take your business to a whole new level where it’s really hard to beat you as a competitor.

5 Key Tips To Attract Customers With Video

Although its popularity is not new, video is a medium that today shows its full potential for business. Nowadays, as more and more people are watching online videos for entertainment, brands have realized that in order to capture the attention of current and potential customers, they need to provide videos that are both relevant to the future. content and distracting in form. According to HubSpot, 43% of customers want more marketing to rely on video. Similarly, Animoto has highlighted the usefulness of this medium, noting that 4 out of 5 clients consider that demonstration videos are sources of relevant information. How can your brand catch the attention of customers through video? Here are five key tips to apply.

Meet the needs of the customer

Videos are a great way to advertise your brand, but do not make it your main goal. Instead, think of satisfying the needs of customers by offering them, through video, solutions. In terms of customer service, it is necessary to create tutorials that respond quickly to their questions. For example, if a customer needs help assembling a kit product, the tutorial will present a live animation or show a person with clear instructions. In the field of marketing, it is important to design a narrative that speaks to the needs of the customer by addressing his emotions. Video production company singapore is the best place to explore your needs to get best event video. Many brands of ready-to-wear have understood this: when they highlight celebrities wearing their products, they focus first on their personal story and the emotions it can inspire. Such videos capture the attention of customers while subtly suggesting how the brand’s products can improve their lives.

Make short and relevant videos

Television commercials that have left their mark on the collective memory have often been characterized by their brevity. Your videos should be inspired because the level of attention increases when videos are short. According to a Wistia study, two minutes is the ideal time for a commercial video. After that, the concentration drops dramatically, and many customers do not complete the video. Although some content may require longer narrations, make sure that they remain relevant and free of excessive lengths. On the various channels that your customers already use, offer content that can captivate them, such as interviews, testimonials or insights into what’s new.

Use good timing

It is essential to broadcast video content at the right time. Will your business be present at a popular mass event? Is a new product about to be released? Is a new promotional event imminent? Use video to drive brand buzz while keeping your customers informed. Nowadays, live video is a great way to create a sense of immediacy that customers appreciate. Facebook users comment 10 times more on live video than already recorded content. Especially since Twitter estimates that the video of a live event increases the attractiveness of a brand by 63%.

Customize your videos

Customize the content of your videos based on the customer’s position in the sales cycle. New customers or prospects will appreciate content that reflects company values ​​and brand history. Other customers, more advanced in the sales process, will benefit from your tutorials. The video has the advantage of providing real-time, personalized marketing offerings, and thus proactively attracting customer attention and generating a better return on investment. Aberdeen Group points out that companies that rely on video marketing are increasing their revenue at a 49% faster pace year-on-year.

Launch a call for participation

Consider the video as a way to start a conversation. Once the dialogue begins, it is important to extend it. Make sure your videos include, at a minimum, a company logo and a link to your website at the end of it. Include captions and interesting questions from all those you post on social media to encourage further discussion. Finally, invite customers to share their own videos as part of testimonials or contests. Launching a call for participation is the surest way to ensure that video proactively contributes to customer engagement.

5 Tips For Spring Pictures

Spring is the best time of year to take wedding videography . The nature is in full boiling and the heat of the sun is already noticing as to spend a Saturday morning without the possibility of freezing your fingers while adjusting your camera. For this, we want to give you 5 tips to take pictures in spring.

Take care of the composition

Do not make the photo thinking that when you arrive at the studio you will start to frame it, a good photographer almost does not have to edit his photographs because he knows what he is looking for. Try to find something that is beautiful and give it maximum prominence within the frame.

Do not waste your time complicating things either, fit in a simple way to give maximum prominence to what you want to photograph.

That the color is the protagonist of the scene

As we have already said, spring is that time when nature is in full boiling. To make a good photo it is best to be clear about the message we want to capture and capture it in the capture.

Take advantage of the joy of the moment, try to capture those rays of light increasingly warm and bright and let nature speak for itself.


The best moments to photograph in spring are the sunrise and sunset. Always look for the golden hour and take advantage of that moment of the day when the light is softer in order to capture details. Imagine an orange sky combined with colorful meadows, or a blooming tree, what does it sound idyllic?

Rain is not your enemy, but better use protection

Cloudy days can also be taken advantage of. Photograph puddles , use water to capture interesting reflections, let your creativity shine in new terrain.

Just do not leave with the first thing you have in your backpack. On rainy days you can capture very interesting moments, but you can also ruin the team if you are not prepared. Cover your camera with covers for rainy days; carry a large umbrella with which to cover you, but also your equipment.

Another tip to keep in mind on rainy days is the silica gel bags, the bags that come in the shoe boxes are your allies, put a pair in your photographer’s backpack to keep moisture out.

Experiment with macro photography

The advantage of spring is that the flowers are booming. The photography of flowers is a whole world to explore infinite. You can be framing and adjusting your camera so that if there is a bit of wind, your framing goes to the bottom.

A trick when photographing flowers is to use a green card in the background, to highlight the color of the leaves even more. In this way you can mount a small photo studio, because the flowers deserve it.

Photographic equipment recommended for spring photos

In addition to your camera, to get the most out of spring you can get a small list of objects to add to your backpack.

  • Objective 50mm f1 / 8 for details. If you like to take pictures with the background out of focus, this should be a basic in your equipment.
  • Color filters. With the ND filter you can play with slow exposures to be more creative. Use a polarizing filter to enhance color and eliminate reflections, or degraded filters for sunrise or sunset.
  • Tripod. If your option is landscape photographs, take one that is stable and hook the backpack when you have it mounted to act as a counterweight.
  • Knapsack. It may sound basic, but carrying a backpack for photographers will allow you to carry all the equipment. Most of them have waterproof covers to keep the rain at bay, do not forget to take them if the weather changes.

5 Winter Sports Photography Tips

In the mountains the first snow is falling and that is an irresistible invitation for the winter sports enthusiasts among us. Within a few weeks the skiers, cross-country skiers and snowboarders will head for the Alps and their cameras will focus on anything that seems interesting. But when the photos are viewed in retrospect, the disappointment can be big. photos underexposed, snow that looks gray, hazy images …


When the weather is nice and the mountains and ski slopes bathe in the sunlight, it may well be that even your sunglasses are not enough to dim the strong light. The light reflects on the white snow and reinforces the strong altitude sun. Your camera will also suffers from sunlight. Especially when you photograph in automatic mode. Your camera looks at the scene, does its algebra and decides to underexpose the picture. It is therefore advisable to photograph in manual mode in such situations or to overexpose your “exposure compensation” in automatic mode. Look in the manual of your camera for “exposure compensation”

(what does one mean by a “stop” in photography?

A stop is a doubling or halving of the amount of light that the camera’s sensor reaches when taking a photo.) When you hear someone say that he is going to the exposure with 1 stop raising, he means that he doubles the exposure in the photo compared to the previous photo.)


When photographing in JPEG, it is important that you set your white balance correctly for each scene. When you shoot in full sun you put your white balance on the sun, it is cloudy then you put it on the cloud and so on. If you do not do this and if you photograph a skier in good weather with your white balance you will get a blue hint in the snow.

When you shoot in RAW, the white balance setting of your camera is not so important because you have to reproduce the photos anyway and then put your white balance correctly.

Shutter speed

Do you shoot action shots of skiers or snowboarders who seem to have been fired by a cannon and jumps and halfpipes it is important that your shutter speed is fast enough. From a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second, you can “freeze” most of the action. If you go too slow in shutter speed, you risk getting motion blur or blurred subjects. Here an SLR camera does have an advantage on compact cameras.


But more important than all technical know-how and institutions is your composition. Do not always try to place your subject in the middle of your image, think of the third-party rule. keep in mind your background. Nothing as disturbing as the mast of a ski lift that grows from the head of your subject or an ugly building behind that snowboarder who just made a perfect 360. Keep an eye on the horizon, which should generally be ‘horizontal’.

Keep going

As a last tip, I want to say that your batteries are draining much faster in the cold. Make sure you have at least one or two extra batteries with you and wear it on your body, in your jacket or pocket so that it stays warm. Keep on trying, if you only take one photo per day, the chances of making a fantastic shot are quite small. Take lots of photos, change compositions and learn from the result. It is impossible to make the perfect photos in a day (or holiday).

Photography Tips For Beginners

When you start photographing you will encounter many frustrations along the way, but if you pass this one you will be able to take beautiful pictures. We would like to help you on your way with a few tips, before you start your career as a photographer!

Do not buy the most expensive camera at the same time

Many novice photographers buy an expensive camera, but this is not necessary at all. Of course a good camera is important, but also with a less good camera you can take beautiful pictures.

Furthermore, it is often more difficult to work with a luxury camera, because it has a lot of options.

First shoot in automatic mode

Do not interfere with all the different positions of your camera. First use the automatic mode of the camera to practice.

But try to work towards it and eventually take pictures without the automatic mode. This will make your photos more beautiful.

Take lots of photos

Take your camera with you wherever you go and take as many photos as possible. Try different positions over time. Do not be discouraged by photos that are not beautiful, your photos will really get better.

Edit your photos

Not all your photos will be perfect, so a photo shop program is ideal to help you with this. Such software is often expensive.

Fortunately, there are also a large number of free photo editing programs, such as Pixlr and Sumopaint.

Read the manual for your camera

Here you have to continue, but read the manual of the camera. Reading the manual may not be the nicest part and you prefer to start shooting right away, but by reading the manual, you will learn what functions your camera has.


You do not have to discover everything yourself. There are enough workshops for beginning photographers. But you can also learn a lot about photography online.

About Light And Perspective: 9 Photography Tips For The Most Beautiful Snaps

Some photos immediately attract your attention, while others cannot please you. How did that happen? Is it light, perspective, sharpness, colors or a combination of a number of factors? We list 9 photography tips.

  1. The right light

Light is of great importance for the quality of your photos. Light can make your photo or crack. You do well to take your photos just after sunrise or just before sunset. That way the light is at its softest. Dare to take a picture of light too! When the sun is high in the sky, it is best to keep your camera in your pocket.

  1. Sharp or unsharp

Focusing can be done manually, but most cameras are now equipped with an automatic function. Manual focusing requires practice but produces the best results.

  1. The importance of the background

The background of a photograph should not be too obvious, the object in the foreground should always be in focus, while the background is discreetly present. This is especially applicable for creating a beautiful portrait.

  1. Symmetry

The composition of a photograph, together with the lighting, is just about the most important part of photography. Symmetry is sometimes a must, but in other cases it is not. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what the landscape, object or portrait looks like.

  1. Colors or black and white?

Some photographers swear by black-and-white, while others prefer color photographs. Black and white creates a tighter and ‘arty’ look, while colors make your photos more vivid.

  1. Photography tips: try spontaneous photos

Spontaneous photos are often the most beautiful. Just think of children playing or an amorous couple in an unguarded moment. Being alert and printing at the right time is the message.

  1. Multiple perspectives

Multiple perspectives often produce surprising results. So approach your subject from different angles. Stand on a ladder or lie on the floor: the more perspectives, the more varied the photos.

  1. By trial and error

Photography is trying again and again, then gradually building up experience and constantly discovering new things. Some photos will be amazing, while others just have the opposite effect. But, as so often, practice gives birth. And digital photography allows you to practice a lot because you can always judge the photo immediately on the screen of your device.

  1. Take your time

Photography is synonymous with patience. Often it is waiting for the right time to take the perfect picture. So take your time, relax and enjoy!


It is an understatement to say that good photos of your space are important. Photos are the very first thing guests look at when they search for accommodation they influence their final choice to reserve your space or not.

In general, ads with beautiful photos are viewed more often and booked more often, so take time for great photos. Show your potential guests what they can expect, highlight what’s so great about your accommodation and make sure that all expectations are right. So that the guests can reserve with you with confidence.

We offer professional photography at different locations, but if you want to take photos yourself, we have to put five important photo tips for you in a row – so that your space and your ad look better than ever.

Let the inside shine

Good light is the best friend of every photographer. It emphasizes the natural depth, color and contrast of a space. Good light also ensures that your photo looks professional, and so do you.

Photograph during the day, turn on all the lights and open the curtains so that natural light can shine inside. Most modern cameras automatically adapt to bright spots by making the rest dark, so do not point your camera at the window if possible.

Photograph the corners

This technique makes your room looks bigger and creates more dimension in your photo. If you take a picture of a flat wall, the space may appear smaller than it actually is, while corners help to give a better and realistic perspective.

The composition of a photo is incredibly important. Remember the so-called ‘third-party rule’ for a good balance and visual challenge in the photo. Give the viewer a unique experience and your space will certainly stand out!

A clean space

Take time to clean up your space. So that the clutter does not distract the viewer and your space looks inviting and more spacious.

Imagine being an interior stylist-arrange the flowers, straighten the magazines, dust off the shelves. In short, be nice! and be careful, but make sure that your photos are a realistic reflection of space. So that your guests will find the room as you showed them on arrival.

Emphasize unique features

Do you have a nice patio in the backyard? A barbeque? A great kitchen? Is there toys in a special nursery? Do you have a breathtaking view? A dryer? A fireplace? Let your guests know with photos. All these things ensure that your space is different than the spaces that do not have this – both houses and hotels – so show that with your photos.

People love small details-the things that make your home personal and lively. If you have a guitar signed by Tom Petty, porcelain tableware from the American Civil War or chickens in the backyard, show it in your ad. And do not be shy-keep people from interesting places.

Take photos outside

The outside is just as important as inside. You can help your guests to have the right expectations when they arrive, by photographing your house from outside. The best time for outdoor photography is the first hour after sunrise or before sunset, also known as the ‘Golden Hour’. At this moment of the day the light is soft (the most diffuse) creating a wide range of colors.

And do not forget your neighborhood! People are not only enthusiastic about their destination but also about the place where they stay, so take photos of your surroundings. So they can brag about what is within walking distance and if you live near a great restaurant or park-show it on a few pictures.

Bonus tip

In general, the more the better. The more photos you have, the more people can browse through them enthusiastically. Photos give your guests the best reference when they have to make their decision and give them the opportunity to watch your ad for longer period of time. Try not to have the same thing in the picture hundred times, but take care of variation. Make general and detailed photos so that your potential guests have a good impression of your space.

Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Here at Great Photography Tips, we take the guesswork out of becoming a great photographer. If you’re new to the exciting world of captured images, then you’ve just found an answer to every question you’ll ever have about photography!

We use a vibrant combination of practical experience and knowledge collection, to bring you the best photography tips on the net. This means that you’ll find an extensive database of user-friendly articles that you can use to become a better, stronger and more experienced photographer. .

We use a vibrant combination of practical experience and knowledge collection, to bring you the best photography tips on the net. This means that you’ll find an extensive database of user-friendly articles that you can use to become a better, stronger and more experienced photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner looking for good photography tip for the next wedding you attend, or an amateur enthusiast seeking something a little more challenging. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our content is geared up and ready for you to use in the real world.

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