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Wedding Videography: Tips, Rules, Features

How to become the hero of a beautiful film about your own wedding.

Do you know what makes a video different from a wedding videography singapore. Number of duplicates. If the operator has the opportunity to retake the unsuccessful scenes when shooting a movie, then the wedding operator does not have such an opportunity. Moreover, even to rehearse the most important and memorable moments really will not work!

But all the newlyweds want the wedding film to be a masterpiece, isn’t it?

Portal Svoykrovsky talked with one of the wedding videography singapore, and learned all the secrets of correct shooting.

Oleg Suntsov told us that video features are directly dependent on locations.

Shooting in the house of the bride

The ideal conditions for shooting the morning of the bride is a spacious bright room with modern renovation, a large window and a high ceiling. Of course, nothing superfluous in the frame should not be. If your apartment is only remotely suitable for photography, then it is better to do a photo session in a hotel room or in a rented apartment.

Redemption and walk

Redemption is better to shoot on the street. The narrow corridors and stairwells are not suitable for such a survey.

When organizing a walk, it is worthwhile to discuss in advance with the photographer and the operator the places that you plan to visit. It is best to rehearse a couple of the most important scenes; the rest can be filmed live. If guests are going for a walk with the newlyweds, the shooting is better with two cameras.

Exit ceremony or filming in the registry office

If you choose an exit ceremony, then this is in itself a beautiful sight, and shooting from two cameras will make it even more diverse. In the registrar permit, as a rule, only one operator. Here it is important that he has the opportunity to move freely and keep a record from different angles.

Looks very nice two-chamber shooting of the exit ceremony. The ceremony itself is in itself a beautiful sight, and the two-chamber shooting allows you to capture the emotions of young people, parents and guests, and you can take different plans at the same time.

Wedding Banquet

According to the wedding videography singapore, it is better if the first dance the newlyweds will dance alone. To do this, you need to discuss this point with the master in advance so as not to invite guests in the middle of the dance, as is often the case. And most importantly – the light! You must ask the master not to turn off the general light. Of course, the videographer has both on-camera and studio lighting, but due to a change in lighting, oddities can occur.

Tips for brides by Oleg Suntsov

1.Take the trouble to hire a wedding makeup artist. A specialist will never impose mother of pearl on the eyelids and powder with light-reflecting particles to the bride.

  1. Before the wedding you need to get used to the dress. Walk in it around the room to feel free and not to cling to the foot loop.
  2. Bring with a change of shoes for the celebration, if the wedding is high-heeled.
  3. All worries concerning the organization of the wedding pass the wedding organizer. On this day, you should not care about the ribbons on the machine.
  4. DO NOT look into the camera. Exception – if you are asked about this by a photographer or cameraman.

According to Oleg, the best thing for the newlyweds at a wedding is to imagine that the videographer and the photographer simply do not exist. And all these people that are spinning around you are just good angels who want to make your day the most memorable.

38 Key Questions to Hire Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

You must bear in mind that your Wedding Report is the only material memory that you will keep from that important moment in your life, and the faithful witness of how everything was developed.

In order not to compromise the quality of your wedding photography service singapore ,  as well as the security of your hiring, you should ask yourself questions such as the ones I relate to you below.

If they are left unanswered or it is negative, you could be defenseless against any setback that might ensue.

Here are 38 questions that will help you select your photographer, divided into 4 main themes:

The methodology

The style and way of working

The Photo Report


About the work method

Ask your wedding photography service singapore questions such as:

Are you the photographer who will do my report? Do you have an assistant, or do you do all the work?

Many times, the answer to a question as apparently innocent as do you do more than one wedding a day? can seriously jeopardize the quality and results of your Wedding Report. Keep in mind that if the Studio only has one Photographer and contracts more than one Wedding for the same day, one of the reports will be subcontracted to third parties. And now ask yourself the obligatory question: who is that third party?

Possibly if you have chosen that particular photographer, it is because you have seen their portfolios, you have reported on how they work, you like their style and you have already got an idea of ​​how your Report will be. But if this is finally done by another photographer, surely the results will differ much from those expected.

Make sure that your photographer has a well-kept and up-to-date web page , or if it is only advertised on portals such as Facebook or Milanuncios. What impression does it give you, what information does it offer? This will give you an idea about your style, your work and whether or not you are serious.

Check if you have a Photographic Studio or at least if you have a physical address where you can attend. Have you been summoned to a cafeteria? Be suspicious if you do not receive it in your study or office.

About his style and way of working

To check if your photographs will fit with the Wedding Report you have in mind:

Ask him about his work style, are you traditional?  Do you make reports with a photo-journalistic style?

Do your reports reveal a natural and simple style?

Are you creative? …

How long have you been working as a photographer and how many weddings have you created?

If you already have a clear idea of ​​the style you want for your wedding, the number of guests, the type of wedding (civil or religious), the place of the banquet, … ask your photographer if their work is aligned with each of these aspects and if He has made some report with those characteristics.

Take a look at your portfolio, can you show it to them? Is there a website where you can review it?

An interesting question, although it may seem banal: are all the photos that you have taught me?

And can you tell me what date are your jobs?

You may be interested in making a report or part of it in analog format, with traditional photography. In this case, ask your photographer if he only works in digital format or if he can do this type of work.

Check the quality of your black and white photographs. In a Wedding Report it is very elegant to include some shot of this type of photographs, but you must know that it is not worth anyone. Black and white photography is a very complicated discipline and only a good expert who masters this technique can obtain truly professional results. Otherwise you risk ruining your report.

If it is something that you like, some photographers can prepare a projection of photos of the couple and show it at some point of the banquet. Besides that it will be more professional, you can also include some photos of the Pre-Wedding Report in case you have done it.

If you know how to combine it with the appropriate music, it looks fantastic.

About the Wedding Report

What reportage packages can you offer me? Can I customize a package according to my needs? It is quite common that some photographers only provide you with a single possibility of reporting, without offering flexibility in the hiring of your report. Make sure you can customize the hiring of your report to your liking and possibilities.

Do you deliver your work in a photo album ? What kind of album do you offer? How long does the Album take?

Can we make our album later and only make a report with digital files now?

Can you include pre-wedding photos in your packages? It is highly recommended to do the Pre-wedding report, as this will make your wedding day more natural, as well as creating a link with your photographer. Ask if you do Pre and Post-Wedding within your packages.

Can your photographer make the video of your wedding? Keep in mind that if the person making your video report is the photographer himself, on the one hand he will keep the same style in the photographic report and the videographic, so that you will obtain a more uniform and homogeneous work , preserving an identity of his own. But make sure your videography jobs are professional, too.


10 Reasons to Hire Professional Photographers and Videographers at Your Wedding

It is no secret to anyone that one of the few things that remain of their great day for posterity is the images , be it  photo or video . We have already spoken on this issue here that one of the biggest Brides errors is not to hire photographers and professional wedding videography service singapore – even this is one of the biggest regrets that married in the report.

If you are thinking of making the pictures of your big day alone or call that friend who is not professional, but has a camera, we want to give you some tips before, after all, who warns friend is!

  1. Images are the only thing that stays

Yes, we know that the beautiful moments will be forever in your memory. But all the words spoken there, smiles, tears, all the details fade from your memory with time. On the other hand, photos and wedding videography service singapore are timeless. Believe: this is one of the most regrets we get from readers, it’s worth investing!

  1. Professional photographers and videographers are experienced in capturing every moment

Shooting or filming a day as important as a wedding is no easy task. In addition to traditional poses, the most exciting and funny moments need to be recorded for eternity. So it is very important to have people with this vision and experience exclusively for this, to make sure that you will not waste any time. Plus, too much of a marriage happens too fast, and if the registrant does not have the experience of registering quickly, they may end up losing the best parts.

  1. Over time some people will leave

Unfortunately, over the years, the people you love will be gone, they will miss you. One thing I hate to think, but it’s a fact, is that our parents are not eternal. Having photos and videos with them on this day that is so important to everyone is priceless.

  1. Photo and Video is an investment

Yes! It pays to invest. And I say more: it is worth investing even more if it is to have that professional that you LOVE work on your big day. It’s no use cutting you off in the decoration, wearing that bapho dress, if your pictures do not show the truth about that moment. What can you take from that day, beyond what is in your heart?

  1. Having a professional camera does not make anyone a professional

That your cousin who has a mass camera is not necessarily a pro. Photography and film requires study, experience, many years of learning. It’s not just a push of a button: every moment requires a different setting and requires a person with a view behind the camera to know how to paint the perfect picture .

Of course people can learn, but believe me: in your marriage is not the time or place to test anyone’s ability.

  1. Your wedding will not be on any blog if the pictures are not professional

Of course this is not one of their main concerns, but it is worth putting here in the list that the process of selecting a marriage on the blog begins with the images, after all, it is they who will tell their story. If the images are not professional and quality, they can not be published. So if you dream of having your story and big day told in a wedding blog, professional photography is key.

  1. You and your guests should not worry about anything on that day.

Marriage is Bride’s Day, and as the name says, your family and friends will be invited. No one should bother to work on that day. Hire professionals for photo and video and have peace of mind on your big day, plus the certainty that everything will be forever for you to see and show this dreamy day whenever you want.

  1. Special moments deserve to be seen again and again and again

I do not know about you, but I love to review my happiest moments. I was not even there, I’ve watched it a thousand times!

  1. Your guests and family are going to be crazy to see the official photos after the wedding is over

Everyone loves a photo. This is a fact! Having a beautiful photo of you at such an important time is incredible. If you are not thinking only of yourself, think of your family members who care so much about these moments and want to have photos of that day in the door of their home.

  1. Gathering the whole family to watch the video is going to be awesome.

After the wedding, getting everyone together to see the official video is priceless!

Event Videography: What is Really Needed?

Amidst so many information from countless videographers we see on the internet, you may be unsure of how to get started and what equipment to use.

Here are some basic tips for you that are trying to start a career by singapore event videography and have overdosed on the internet leaving you completely confused.

  1. Equipment

These are the questions I get most from WhatsApp and Facebook: Which camera should I buy? What course should I take? Which flash? And lens?

Many questions with endless answers. This is because each style can follow for a specific type of equipment, and when you are starting, in 90% of cases, you still do not have a certain style, a follow-up you want to follow.

So my tip is that you start with the basics and as you discover yourself in the photograph you invest in the equipment that best suits your desire in photography.

The basics would be a semi professional camera and a clear lens. Semi professional cameras cost an average of 2 to 6 thousand reais. Do not be fooled by cameras below this average. Clear lenses are good aperture lenses, represented by the F / on the camera. It is the diaphragm that the smaller the number, the clearer the lens, and the more expensive R $ as well. Starting with a lens between F / 1.8 and F / 2.8 is a great start. In doubt read the lens information before you buy. And watch out for large-format zoom lenses. They impress with size, but at nighttime singapore event videography may be unnecessary depending on the Diaphragm.

  1. Knowledge

Some photographers say that you need to study photography before buying the equipment to avoid purchase mistakes. However, it is very difficult to quickly and effectively learn the basic components of a photo without having a camera in hand. Learning and practicing! I will leave here basic settings that you will need to understand before you leave studying photography without direction.

Speed: It is the speed at which the shot happens. Secure speed 1/100 part for events. Understanding how the shot works you will have endless possibilities of photos.

Diaphragm: Exactly the aperture that is determined by the lens. In an event using lenses with good apertures will give you more quality photos but be careful with the focus space because in the camera viewfinder you may not have the exact notion of how your photos will be leaving until you take them to the computer. Try not to use openings larger than F / 2, and for protocol photos (usually made on the cake table) use F / 3.5 since the focal field is larger and you do not risk leaving anyone’s face unfocused.

ISO: The smaller the ISO, the higher the quality of the photo. Semi professional cameras generally accept very well an ISO of maximum 1600, beyond that usually granular the photograph. Test before going to the event to find out the ideal ISO limit of your Camera.

White Balance (WB): Automatic.

Events in salons usually have a mix of lights with varying colors on the walls. In addition to the colors that reflect the decor that varies from event to event. It would be insane to stay with the camera doing the white balance in each area of ​​the room. Then put the camera to think for you, automatic works well and the margin of error will be much lower than if you made the settings of the equipment.

  1. Accessories

You will also need good accessories to embark on this adventure that involves a lot of emotion and responsibility, which is to be an event photographer. Firstly because you do not have absolute control of the situation, ie many minds thinking and acting on their own can result in somewhat unpleasant unforeseen. So here are some accessory tips I use at events, but that will not necessarily be a rule to get you started.

Flash and Led: For starters I recommend that you use a cheap flash. Expensive flashes can have many features that you will not know to use at first. So take it easy and try to explore as much as Flash can provide.

Having an Led in my opinion is essential, but that is not really necessary to get started. I like the Led because I can put it in a fixed point as if it were part of the lighting of the hall, and in some cases, it does not even use the flash.

Memory Card: Only use Sandisk Class 10 with a minimum of 30mb / s. Think, are photos of an event that cost dear, I can not take the risk of after that work all my memory card give error or some problem. Not worth saving on card. Always format it before you start the event. Changed camera, format again, each camera has its settings, and formatting the camera makes recognition of the card you are using.

Purse and tag: Have a bag that fits everything in an organized way. Accessories reserves such as memory card, batteries and camera battery should be in a bracket stuck at your waist. Even if you do not go to use, but have the accessories reserves in your hands in case of urgency.

Check List: The Check List is a list with everything you will use in the event written on a sheet. As you put everything in the bag it will scratch in the Checklist, so you avoid forgetting some important accessory that will damage the progress of the service.

The ideal is to have a “reserve” for everything. Memory card reserves, Battery reserves, battery backup and camera and Flash reserve. Everything should be in the bag the day before the event. Missing something, you’ll have time to get organized. Be sure to check Check List at the time of going to the party and always arrive 01 hour before the scheduled event.

You will also need a good computer to unload all your photos and do the post production work. Have an external hard drive for backup of your material. Remember, being an event photographer is to perpetuate all the investment that has been made in the event, from buffet, space, decor, etc … And the contractor expects you to remember it all.


Have you ever imagined you, old lady sitting with the man you married to spend the rest of your life together looking at your wedding album ? Surely you will look at those images with affection and with the certainty that they did right when investing in wedding photography.

The money spent, all the work and the choice of the photographer will seem like great decisions when you realize that the album result was everything you wanted – and a little more.

Fortunately, all good photographers know this and take the job of taking wedding photography very seriously, but doing these essays is a two-way street, so here are some tips for brides to take advantage of every moment of the photos of that occasion.



That moment before the wedding photography can be very stressful and the nervousness can get worse if the place is full of people. So, opt for a quieter and more pleasant place for you. In this way, the photographer’s clicks while you makeup and tidy your hair will be much better and more serene.

Avoid leaving beverage and food packaging in sight. They can ruin the magic of photography and are not easily removed from the image with Photoshop.



A good test does not end in 20 minutes. The perfect click may be a few feet from the ceremony site, but it may also be a few miles away, even in the middle of the road, or in another city. Do not save time to get the perfect background. Do not be afraid to “abandon” the ceremony and waste a few minutes searching for the perfect image. Face it as an interval of all the attention of the guests.



In wedding photography, the rules can be easily broken. You do not have to be stuck with traditions. If you do not feel comfortable in caresses among the guests, go with your fiance and the photographer to a more reserved place and dance to your favorite music. This way it will be much easier for the professional to record moments of love and affection for the wedding album.

Do not be swayed by suggestions of photos of the guests. The ceremony is yours and your partner and the photographer must follow your will.



Do not try to keep your dress from getting dirty, it will happen! The same will happen with your shoes and you will not want to stick with that worry in your head all day long.

If your photographer finds a place in the middle of a field, or plantations and he thinks that is the perfect setting for your wedding photographs, do not forget to go only for the clothes. If you think it’s a good background idea, go without fear!

If you prefer, suggest the photographer make these pictures at the end of the party, when food and drinks have inevitably fallen on your dress.



It is likely that your photographer does not know your family, so make a list of all of them and introduce them to the professional so he does not lose any familiar faces.

Also explain the situations of deaths and divorces in the family to avoid any embarrassing situation when making the wedding photographs.

Wedding photographers usually ask all this before the ceremonial rehearsal, but be warned.



It is important to discuss the ideas you have with your photographer, but do not give a large list of all the wedding photographs you like and want the same.

A professional photographer needs the freedom to be creative and make unforgettable images. For him, each couple, each ceremony and each environment are different, are new experiences. So the last thing he needs is to look at lists of tips on how to make the photos. In the time he spent evaluating these tips, he could be assessing the venue and the ceremony to think about interesting clicks.

If you chose the professional well for your wedding, trust him and do not worry.



Lighting in a photograph can help, or hinder and is no different with wedding photographs. Therefore, it is important to plan the ceremony taking into consideration good places with good lighting available to your photographer.

The light of the sunset, for example, is the ideal one to make the photographic essay . Schedule your wedding so that it is possible to take photos of the album in that light. Avoid planning the photos for mid-morning and early afternoon. The sunlight at these times is very strong and clear and will make the images with many shadows.

If your ceremony is outdoors, try to do it all under the sun. If there is any shadow on your face, on your dress, or on the way to the altar, it will be very difficult for the photographer to correct the differences in enlightenment.


Tips for a Fantastic Wedding Video The Perfect Wedding Video

How did that one smile come about? Or that tear? With a wedding videography you can tell the deeper story. The emotions that you experience are recorded on moving images. The day passes by so quickly, how nice would it be if you could watch the wedding clip together and experience the day again? To create the perfect wedding videography Royal Rushes gives tips:


Start filming when you are preparing yourself. The tension is often at its highest, which gives beautiful images. It will also give the video a chronological order because there is a clear beginning.


The more spacious the rooms are when preparing them, the better. Make sure that you (and especially your dress) fit in with your mother and / or girlfriends, the photographer, videographer, make-up artist and hairdresser.


When you have chosen the right room, make sure it is cleaned up for the wedding. Nothing more annoying than when you later bother with ‘rubbish’ that can be seen on the wedding clip.


Make sure that there is good light everywhere where there is filming! In the morning when preparing next to or in front of a window and in the wedding room with extra light. That way you will look even better!


Speak your own vows. In other countries this happens more often than not, but in the Netherlands it seems to be the other way around. Of course it is scary and maybe difficult to remember everything word for word, but think about the reasons why you would do it. The ceremony becomes more personal, emotional and who does not like to hear sweet words from your (almost!) Man on such a day? These vows can then be used as a red line in the Royal Rushes wedding clip .


A professional videographer at a wedding is a fairly new concept. Informing your guests about this is certainly not superfluous! The guests can then prepare for this!


The videographer might ask for it yourself, but it is a good idea to introduce your videographer and photographer to each other. They both play an important role and it is important that they can both do their job well and do not get in each other’s way. If this has been discussed well in advance, it will only yield better pictures of your day!

Animation Audiovisual Production Company, How Does it Work?

Surely you can imagine how a traditional audiovisual production company can work , with cameras, tripods, green or blue backgrounds (chroma), actors, lighting, etc. But if we think of an audiovisual production company specializing in 3d and 2d animation , video production company singapore and videos with animated characters , would you know how they are inside? In this article we are going to explain it.

The audiovisual producer of animation inside

All animation producers are not the same, in fact there are quite a few differences according to their specialty, 2d, 3d, post production, and even of each of these three specialties could be made many subdivisions, traditional animation, motion graphics, stop motion, specialized 3d in animation of characters , 3d for architectural representation, special effects, etc … And there is also a lot of difference according to the size of the audiovisual production company, from a single person who takes care of everything, to hundreds of people very specialized in specific areas, as it happens with the producers that make 3d animation movies.

But in this article we are going to focus on the audiovisual production companies that make videos like these:

We will talk about producers that make this type of videos because we know them well, we are one of them, and these video production company singapore we made them.

In this type of production companies you will find people working with your computer, an illustrator, a scriptwriter and someone who is in charge of contacting clients, and also usually has some external professionals such as speakers or specialists in a particular technique or area if required some video production company singapore.

The day to day is usually like in a normal office, although if you look at the screens you see more fun things than in a normal office (and I mean the videos we do), something that sometimes seems strange to customers that we they visit is that they imagine something more “exciting”, we suppose it will be by the type of videos that we produce, although most of the communication is usually by email, Skype or telephone.

How 2d animation videos are made

Explaining it in a summarized way, the production of animated videos 2d always begins with a conversation with the client, to which we ask a series of questions to be able to begin with the script, questions of type What is the main message that you want to transmit with the video ?, or to whom do you go with this video? etc. And once we have all the clear information we start with the script, which will be commissioned by our scriptwriter and will have a format like this:

In which the client can see what the speech will say and what will happen in his video, and if he wants, he can make or suggest as many corrections as he wants until he is satisfied.

And once approved, the recording of the voice-over is made, which must also be approved by the clear client, and the animation of the video always begins using the recording of the final speech so that everything is well synchronized, and after one day and a lot of work, we present the client with his video, about which he usually makes some changes or retouching that we do without problems until we reach the final version, which by the way is this:

And the 3d videos

This type of videos have a different production than the 2d videos with personnel that we just explained, it is a much more complex internal process, although for the client it would be just as easy.

For 3d videos, if we have to explain a process that is clear and do not have a voice, we prefer to do an animatic directly in which the different steps are seen, but if the final aesthetics so that the client can see how the plans will be as soon as possible. to approve or make corrections, it would be something like this:

And once approved the animatic we started to give the final appearance to each one of planes and again we sent it to the client for approval, this time in image format:

And with this approved, now, we start with the final production, a slow process since we have to render each 3d frame, and for you to have an idea every second has 25 frames, this complete video has a total of 5900 frames, almost 4 minutes, and the render time per frame can vary according to the scene from one minute to 10 or even more. The 3d rendering phase of this video lasted about 5 days using about 6 computers just for this process.

Once all rendering is done with the music and the final post production, and after a couple of “this larger text”, “this picture is changed for this one”, etc. by the client, the video would be ready:


And if the video is for a promotion of a product such as this one:

Here we would need, as in the videos 2d that we mentioned at the beginning, an initial briefing to determine the target audience, the main message, media, etc. and of course the realization of the script, presentation of references, recording of speech and all the previous 3d process, so these types of 3d videos have a higher budget than the previous 2d animated videos.

Use videos to efficiently promote events

Imagine the following situation: you plan a big event, you invest time and money in your production. Hire specialized staff for the occasion, quality attractions, a spot with flawless structure. On the big day, you cannot fill 50% of the space and end up having losses or not having that return and success expected. It would be pretty annoying, would not it?

In addition having a good sense of the potential audience from the beginning of the planning of your Singapore Event Videography. Investing in disclosure is essential to broaden the reach of your project. This ensures that more people – and the right people – appear on the day of great achievement!

Today, with the democratization of Internet access, the options for making this disclosure are much broader. Especially if you use online videos, it will be much more effective.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social networks. They do not stop growing in public preference, and the tendency is that, in a few years, they dominate the internet. Representing much of its content.

So, how about thinking about ways to advertise your event using videos? We have separated some simple, but effective tips for you to invest in the disclosure through videos. Check out!

Enjoy the attractions of your event

Whether your singapore event videography has guests, special attractions, famous people or personalities as a differential. Whether for lectures, some show, or just as guests, it ideals that you get the most out of it!

Celebrities and other influential people or important in their area of ​​expertise, usually have a legion of fans. These are sure to be interested in attending your singapore event videography to have the opportunity to get closer to them.

So ideally you should shoot videos with these people, or ask them to record, and share. Telling about the event, about their participation, and inviting people to participate. If these celebrities and attractions cannot record these videos, use some existing video material to show people what awaits them at your singapore event videography and spark interest.

The same goes for presentations, shows and other shows that your event may have. Make people aware of them! This will add more value to what you are proposing and make the public more interested in attending.

Make teasers

Another thing that can work great, especially for social networks, is to invest in teasers. Much simpler, with a maximum of 30 seconds, an attractive music. Some interestingly arranged pictures and basic information like date, location and main attractions. Beyond the name of the event at the end – you already have a teaser.

The intent of the teaser is really just to arouse curiosity, instigate the audience. For this, you do not need any mega production.

A teaser can be watched quickly, even as the person rolls through the Facebook news feed, and is sure to get people wanting more information about the event in question. So, do not forget, with the teaser, provide a link to the event website or another page with more information.

Share everything on social networks

Social networks will be your best allies in publicizing your singapore event videography. According to surveys, Brazil is already the world leader in reaching in the social media category and 98% of people who access the internet, also access social networks. So abuse and use the resources of these communication channels!

Create an event on Facebook, spread the word on your company page and personal profiles, post information on Instagram, and do not forget Twitter!

Invest in the videos on these social networks as well. While on Facebook the reach and engagement with this format is much higher than other types of posting. In Instagram, videos of 15s are also very successful and can be strategic in your communication

Make and share your own event videos in real time

If your event is already a success, tell it to people using videos too! This, in addition to make your event gain more scope and recognition, will generate a sense of regret in those who do not attend. It will win more audience if there is a second edition or some other similar singapore event videography organized by you.

Showing the results of what you’ve done using videos helps build empathy and trust in viewers, which is great for your business!

Producing videos is simple and will definitely help a lot when promoting your event. Combining this type of material with good planning and organization can be a key to the success of what you are producing.

Videos of Events

As if you had been at the event
When a company, a city, a town hall … celebrates a great event, not everyone can attend. And many times, it would be great to have a video summary of the event that collects the essence of what happened. To transport us back to what has been celebrated.

These singapore event videography are usually used to promote the event before sponsors, before the administration itself, as a reminder to the attendees, or simply to post it on the Internet for the general public.

Our cameras and specialists will make a professional recording of everything that happens, being able to interview prominent members of the event.

Whether it is a long event, several days, or a fair, convention or simple conference, we will make an attractive audiovisual that summarizes and values the event.

Singapore event videography can be delivered in any language, and integrated into web applications, interactive DVDs, etc.

Video production for events
The audiovisual production related events is another of the services we offer from LowMedia. Nowadays, it is essential to record the things that happen in images, not only to count them, and we know that from LowMedia. Therefore, we make available to our clients the realization of singapore event videography for events of all kinds, what we call the video event.

An event can be celebrated in many ways and each type of act requires an appropriate video. In LowMedia we are aware of this and for this reason we always adapt to the needs of our clients, being able to make from small summary videos of a fair or congress to complete recordings of talks, presentations, presentations, etc.

The videos for events  that may occur may be of different types and types, but there are three predominant formats:

-Full recording: As its name suggests, this type of video is based on recording a talk, presentation or presentation in its entirety.

-Clip summary: This type of video event is usually characterized by having a short duration (2-4 minutes) and by its dynamism. It is a type of piece that intersperses resource images, statements to camera, music and, occasionally, voice over.

-Report : This video model is usually longer than a summary clip (5-10 minutes) and the cohesive axis is usually a voice-over that is making a narration. It is a video event typology that “deepens” more in the event itself or on the subject that is the same. It has a more reflective and deliberate character.


During all preparations for your wedding you run the risk of missing details. In the case of a singapore wedding videographer, this can have unpleasant consequences. That is why you will find a number of points of interest below that you can look out for while choosing your videographer. Want to hear reasons why you would want a videographer at your wedding.



A wedding videographer is a business and you are the consumer. Fortunately, most videographers communicate their prices including VAT, as it should be. Yet we give as a tip to check this, this prevents a nasty surprise afterwards of 21%.



Do not be completely blind to film quality in 4K or 6K. Whether or not a home camera or a professional camera is filmed makes in some cases a bigger difference. Ask the recent wedding videographer what recent images and compare them on different screens.



There are Singapore wedding videographer who film with extra lamps to get extra beautiful images. This gives you, for example, extra depth effect in the final film. Not everyone likes this, so maybe you just want to film without extra light. This is possible with so-called low light cameras. Discuss this with your wedding videographer. He or she can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages perfectly.



Last but not least: the backup. First of all the Singapore wedding videographer himself. What is plan B if the videographer is ill on your day? Many wedding videographers work together, so they have an excellent solution for these situations.


In addition, everything is filmed digitally nowadays. It can unfortunately happen that all images are lost. This may never be 100% preventable, but a Singapore wedding videographer must do his utmost to minimize this risk. Does the wedding videographer, for example, make interim backups? Or does he have a second camera in case the main camera stops?