Brands considered leading in research and development of digital image for photographic cameras, accounting has increased its responsibilities regarding technological development in the segment of capture of images and sounds.


His newest concern is with the familiarization of the public interested in wedding videography singapore (whether amateur or professional) with the universe of recording film images, deepening his interest through lectures and workshops.


The objective is to demystify concepts related to the use of lenses, sensors, audio and other resources (already very experienced in the universe of photography), in relation to the fantastic but challenging world of video images.

Here’s a list of some important tips for cameramen to better utilize your camera’s capabilities, and to get excellent results in wedding videography singapore.


Use autofocus for video

An important tip for cameramen, who do not yet know all their features, is the possibility, by using the STM lens on a Canon EOS camera (within the appropriate system), to adjust the focus automatically during movie recording.

The result is a precise, instant focus that will enable the cameraman to get an adequate shot even in the face of unstable objects such as during journalistic recordings, recording of moving objects, cars, people, etc.


Get the lenses for correction

It was recently launched by Canon, the Canon EF 35mm f / 1.4 Lens, the first wide-angle lens designed to minimize so-called chromatic aberrations when rainbow colours blend with the contours of the recorded image.


It is the Blue Spectrum Refractive Optics which, through the use of organic materials in its composition, corrects these deviations, allowing a fixed focus, maintaining a fixed index of refraction and preventing these interferences that promote the imbalance of the colours that cross the wide-angle lens.


Adjust the density filters

A simple tip for videographers looking for better results, either for recording movie images or for recording still images.


These lens filters, when properly overlapped, usually over a wide-angle lens, decrease the light intensity towards the sensor as they filter the light waves, eliminating the excess from prolonged exposure of the image.


The result is a lighter, smoother image that is free of deviations and distortions due to excessive light.


Take a picture while recording

To capture an image without interrupting movie shooting, use the video mode to record the image while the wedding videography singapore is being recorded.


To do this, simply press the shutter button, stop shooting for an instant (about 1 second), save the recorded photo to a specific Canon memory file, and then continue recording where it left off.


A tip for the cameraman to use the photographic features of his camera, without loss of time and discontinuity of recording.

Use manual focus

Despite the current quality of the cameras, and the various features that allow them to be used in movie shooting, manual focus still sets as the ideal in certain situations.


The tip for cameramen is that they give manual focus preference for important recordings and that they cannot easily be redone since, no matter how modern the camera, it will not have a 100% silent autofocus; and the noise captured during recording will be easily recorded in the final result.


Adjust the White Balance

The white balance is an existing feature in modern cameras, like DSLR, EOS and others, which makes the colour recorded through the lens, be faithful to the actual image.


So, a good tip for videographers is, before you start a movie recording, adjust their setting or, instead, the colour temperature.


This adjustment becomes indispensable if there is, perhaps, a variation of the light source during recording of the footage; as this setting does not work properly in post-production or during recording.


Use memory cards

No matter how advanced your camera is, it will not properly support a movie file because of its size, especially when in Full HD.


So, a good practice tip for videographers is to purchase a memory card, which can be between 8 and 16 GB; ideal for a movie shoot.


Recalling that in a space of 16 GB can be archived up to 48m of recordings, especially in fast cards, model SD, SDXC, and others; and compact, Flash UMDA model.


Use the snapshot video setting

The instant video setting, present in the most modern cameras, is registered as Snapshot feature, with which the videographer can record long movie videos by combining several small recordings.


When you press the record button, a sequence of up to 8 seconds of recording is recorded and a combination of these videos, in the form of a clip, is stored in a file and transformed into a kind of movie recording, which can be viewed through the camera or transmitted on television.


Extra batteries always at hand

Recording movie videos can be a unique experience, especially when you are an amateur enthusiast. However, the power consumption is infinitely greater than that of a normal photographic record.


So, a good tip for videographers is to always have extra batteries if your intention is to record for a full day or in dimly lit environments. In addition, it is also recommended that you never leave your home without being sure that your camera battery is fully charged.


Now, we’d like you to give us your opinion on this article, with your tips for cameramen getting better results in your work routine.