5 Tips For Spring Pictures

Spring is the best time of year to take wedding videography . The nature is in full boiling and the heat of the sun is already noticing as to spend a Saturday morning without the possibility of freezing your fingers while adjusting your camera. For this, we want to give you 5 tips to take pictures in spring.

Take care of the composition

Do not make the photo thinking that when you arrive at the studio you will start to frame it, a good photographer almost does not have to edit his photographs because he knows what he is looking for. Try to find something that is beautiful and give it maximum prominence within the frame.

Do not waste your time complicating things either, fit in a simple way to give maximum prominence to what you want to photograph.

That the color is the protagonist of the scene

As we have already said, spring is that time when nature is in full boiling. To make a good photo it is best to be clear about the message we want to capture and capture it in the capture.

Take advantage of the joy of the moment, try to capture those rays of light increasingly warm and bright and let nature speak for itself.


The best moments to photograph in spring are the sunrise and sunset. Always look for the golden hour and take advantage of that moment of the day when the light is softer in order to capture details. Imagine an orange sky combined with colorful meadows, or a blooming tree, what does it sound idyllic?

Rain is not your enemy, but better use protection

Cloudy days can also be taken advantage of. Photograph puddles , use water to capture interesting reflections, let your creativity shine in new terrain.

Just do not leave with the first thing you have in your backpack. On rainy days you can capture very interesting moments, but you can also ruin the team if you are not prepared. Cover your camera with covers for rainy days; carry a large umbrella with which to cover you, but also your equipment.

Another tip to keep in mind on rainy days is the silica gel bags, the bags that come in the shoe boxes are your allies, put a pair in your photographer’s backpack to keep moisture out.

Experiment with macro photography

The advantage of spring is that the flowers are booming. The photography of flowers is a whole world to explore infinite. You can be framing and adjusting your camera so that if there is a bit of wind, your framing goes to the bottom.

A trick when photographing flowers is to use a green card in the background, to highlight the color of the leaves even more. In this way you can mount a small photo studio, because the flowers deserve it.

Photographic equipment recommended for spring photos

In addition to your camera, to get the most out of spring you can get a small list of objects to add to your backpack.

  • Objective 50mm f1 / 8 for details. If you like to take pictures with the background out of focus, this should be a basic in your equipment.
  • Color filters. With the ND filter you can play with slow exposures to be more creative. Use a polarizing filter to enhance color and eliminate reflections, or degraded filters for sunrise or sunset.
  • Tripod. If your option is landscape photographs, take one that is stable and hook the backpack when you have it mounted to act as a counterweight.
  • Knapsack. It may sound basic, but carrying a backpack for photographers will allow you to carry all the equipment. Most of them have waterproof covers to keep the rain at bay, do not forget to take them if the weather changes.