5 Styles of Wedding Videos

The videos for weddings are always part of any celebration, allowing you to review the best moments that marked one of the most important days in the life of the couple and their families, especially parents, siblings and close friends.

Nowadays, there are countless styles of Singapore Wedding Videography that allow you to record all the emotions experienced and felt during the ceremony and during the party, including tears, laughter and gestures of friendship and affection shown by those who participate in them.

Traditional Singapore wedding videography are beautiful to remember, especially for the big characters – the bride and groom – but they are sometimes too long and full of details for family and friends whom the newlyweds like to show them.

So today we leave you 5 styles of wedding videos that, being shorter, original and interesting, will leave your audience completely surrendered to the best moments that made your wedding a day that no one will want to forget.

1. Videos for weddings in the form of a video clip
In this style of wedding videos there are no lines. The idea is to choose a theme song, which will serve as a soundtrack to the edition, with the various images of different moments of the ceremony and the party, such as a music video of a famous group or singer.

We also do not resist sharing another video, where there is one or another speech, but where the concept is the same. It is simply beautiful and original, even because it is the bride waiting for the groom at the altar!

2. Videos for Marryoke type weddings
The style of videos for Marryoke weddings is a lot of fun and also within the concept of video clip. The big difference with our first suggestion is that the bride and groom and the guests will even sing! But do not worry you do not need to have a good voice, since the final set up is made with the original song.
The bride and groom have to choose a song that they know their guests – or at least a good many – know to sing the lyrics. During the wedding party, the largest number of people are singing this song, preferably in different places.

The videos can be romantic, fun and even scary: it all depends on the bride and groom’s choice.

3. Videos for weddings in documentary form
The idea is that these wedding videos look like documentaries or small movies, capturing the most special moments of that day, in an original way and a more detailed edition, including descriptions, etc.

An interesting idea: the video may include interviews with guests, where they talk about the party, reveal facts about grooms that nobody knows and who can be funny and relevant (not embarrassing!), Convey exciting or good luck messages to the audience. future life, etc. In this case, it would be very interesting to show the video during the water cup, there towards the end, to give the contracted professionals time to do the whole assembly.

4. Videos for Weddings in Stop Motion
The videos for marriages in Stop Motion are great because they use a common cinematic technique in animation, which uses the sequential arrangement of photographs. A different, fun and very creative idea for wedding videos.

5. Videos for vintage style weddings
If you’re a fan of the past and everything vintage, you ‘ll certainly enjoy the idea of making Super 8 wedding videos that resemble old videos!

Super 8 (or Super 8 mm) is a cinematic format developed in the 60’s as an enhancement of the old 8 mm format.

If you liked these 5 styles of Singapore wedding videography, you may also want to know a style already mentioned earlier on the blog: Singapore wedding videography, which combine the concept of instant photography with the technique of slow motion shooting.