38 Key Questions to Hire Your Ideal Wedding Photographer

You must bear in mind that your Wedding Report is the only material memory that you will keep from that important moment in your life, and the faithful witness of how everything was developed.

In order not to compromise the quality of your wedding photography service singapore ,  as well as the security of your hiring, you should ask yourself questions such as the ones I relate to you below.

If they are left unanswered or it is negative, you could be defenseless against any setback that might ensue.

Here are 38 questions that will help you select your photographer, divided into 4 main themes:

The methodology

The style and way of working

The Photo Report


About the work method

Ask your wedding photography service singapore questions such as:

Are you the photographer who will do my report? Do you have an assistant, or do you do all the work?

Many times, the answer to a question as apparently innocent as do you do more than one wedding a day? can seriously jeopardize the quality and results of your Wedding Report. Keep in mind that if the Studio only has one Photographer and contracts more than one Wedding for the same day, one of the reports will be subcontracted to third parties. And now ask yourself the obligatory question: who is that third party?

Possibly if you have chosen that particular photographer, it is because you have seen their portfolios, you have reported on how they work, you like their style and you have already got an idea of ​​how your Report will be. But if this is finally done by another photographer, surely the results will differ much from those expected.

Make sure that your photographer has a well-kept and up-to-date web page , or if it is only advertised on portals such as Facebook or Milanuncios. What impression does it give you, what information does it offer? This will give you an idea about your style, your work and whether or not you are serious.

Check if you have a Photographic Studio or at least if you have a physical address where you can attend. Have you been summoned to a cafeteria? Be suspicious if you do not receive it in your study or office.

About his style and way of working

To check if your photographs will fit with the Wedding Report you have in mind:

Ask him about his work style, are you traditional?  Do you make reports with a photo-journalistic style?

Do your reports reveal a natural and simple style?

Are you creative? …

How long have you been working as a photographer and how many weddings have you created?

If you already have a clear idea of ​​the style you want for your wedding, the number of guests, the type of wedding (civil or religious), the place of the banquet, … ask your photographer if their work is aligned with each of these aspects and if He has made some report with those characteristics.

Take a look at your portfolio, can you show it to them? Is there a website where you can review it?

An interesting question, although it may seem banal: are all the photos that you have taught me?

And can you tell me what date are your jobs?

You may be interested in making a report or part of it in analog format, with traditional photography. In this case, ask your photographer if he only works in digital format or if he can do this type of work.

Check the quality of your black and white photographs. In a Wedding Report it is very elegant to include some shot of this type of photographs, but you must know that it is not worth anyone. Black and white photography is a very complicated discipline and only a good expert who masters this technique can obtain truly professional results. Otherwise you risk ruining your report.

If it is something that you like, some photographers can prepare a projection of photos of the couple and show it at some point of the banquet. Besides that it will be more professional, you can also include some photos of the Pre-Wedding Report in case you have done it.

If you know how to combine it with the appropriate music, it looks fantastic.

About the Wedding Report

What reportage packages can you offer me? Can I customize a package according to my needs? It is quite common that some photographers only provide you with a single possibility of reporting, without offering flexibility in the hiring of your report. Make sure you can customize the hiring of your report to your liking and possibilities.

Do you deliver your work in a photo album ? What kind of album do you offer? How long does the Album take?

Can we make our album later and only make a report with digital files now?

Can you include pre-wedding photos in your packages? It is highly recommended to do the Pre-wedding report, as this will make your wedding day more natural, as well as creating a link with your photographer. Ask if you do Pre and Post-Wedding within your packages.

Can your photographer make the video of your wedding? Keep in mind that if the person making your video report is the photographer himself, on the one hand he will keep the same style in the photographic report and the videographic, so that you will obtain a more uniform and homogeneous work , preserving an identity of his own. But make sure your videography jobs are professional, too.